Swing Lab

Holistic Sports Performance

Studio & Golf Swing Lab

305 Georgian Place

Somerset, PA




The Mission of the PEAK PERFORMANCE GOLF ACADEMY SWING LAB is to provide all students with the most personal and productive golf instruction, products and professional services available. To achieve our mission all trained “HOLISTIC GOLFERS” will maintain a high standard of golf instruction by applying the QQC=C’ formula … QUALITY + QUANTITY + COOPERATION = COMPENSATION

Utilizing modern technology in alignment with the GOLFOLOGY teaching method all instruction, products and services are provided with the benefit of the student first in mind. In addition, all instructional methods, golf equipment and learning products will be researched, tested, developed and promoted within the highest standards of equitable business.

This is why a change needs to be made in the approach to golf instruction and the time is rife. THE HOLISTIC SPORTS PERFORMANCE STUDIO represents a proven track record of success in golf learning, teaching and techniques. The benefits to the student are the comprehensive array of services offered.


  • Student/Teacher Ratio: (2:1)
  • Price: Affordable for all golfing levels
  • Method: Copyrighted based on learning style of student
  • Equipment: State-of-the-Art Computer and Video Analysis


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