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Letting your life flow at its optimal P.A.C.E.



Greg Ortman, Ph.D., PGA is available for corporate, business, training seminars, social group lectures, high school, and/or college classroom visits. His intriguing “Intentional Attention – Letting your life flow at its optimal P.A.C.E” seminar is based upon his doctoral thesis: “The Integral Golfer”.

In the 12 years of doing extensive research for his PhD Thesis in Holistic Sports Performance Greg discovered what he calls: “the four pillars of Peak Performance”. During these two-45 minute sessions Dr. Ortman expounds upon the four keys that lead to achieving peak performance and staying in the flow of life. A state of being he refers to as “Godspeed”.

This “flowing” state of being will not only lead to a successful golf game but will also set the stage for peak performance in other area of your life.   Sessions are customized for your group needs.

Q: Why is Golfology different?

A:  The general consensus in regards to the success of classical golf instruction is the following:

1) Classical golf instruction has NOT achieved the goal of lowering the golfing scores.

2) This lack of success can be attributed to these factors because the modern golfer does not:
a) Have an attention span to process the golf lesson.
b) Make the commitment to the lesson learned.
c) See the advantage to the classical golf lesson.
d) Fulfill the needs of the golf student.

  3) Golfology believes the classical golf lesson does NOT fulfill the needs of the golf student.


Q: Why is PACE different?

A:  PACE Golf Enhancement Training is based upon Professor Ortman’s Graduate Thesis uncovering the aspects of the Integral Golfer and their relationship to the Zone Experience. By applying the four pillars of the Mind-Body Connection of all Holistic Golfers the student will demonstrate immediate improvement integrating the following:

P – Proprioception (Perception: Is Reality really real or imagined?)

A – Awareness (Intentionality: Intentional Attention)

C – Concentration (Detoxification: The Elimination of Brain-Fog)

E – Equanimity (Homeostasis: The Art of Balanced Living)


Tuition: $10 per person

(Minimum 20 participants)

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“Perception is not reality except to the one who is experiencing it.” Veritas Vox

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