The scientific philosophy behind GOLFOLOGY and P.A.C.E. is based upon the Mind-Body Connection also known as: PROPRIOCEPTION.

THE REASON: Proprioception is defined as the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the (body) itself. These stimuli are detected by nerves within the body as well as by the semicircular canals of the inner ear influencing perception(s) within the (mind).

20-30 m/sec* = thought sensations

—- (Proprioception Gap) —-

119 m/sec* = sensation of muscle positions

*299,792,458 m/sec= light



This proprioception gap (approximately 110 m/sec) is what creates the confusion called “cognitive dissonance” (true reality vs. perceived expectations) within a golfers mind. For example, the golfer perceived an ideal swing and anticipated the ball flight to be on target. Instead, the golfer watches the ball fly off target. In other words, how the golfer perceived the actual golf ball flight and the expectation of the golf ball flight are mutually exclusive creating anxiety, stress and confusion as to what went wrong. Consequently they reach into their mental golf-tip sack and pullout a discouraging solution…..This is the body-mind state of most golfers without proper mind-body training.


This state of “cognitive dissonance” within golfers CANNOT be solved by physical golf lessons nor by mental exercises alone. It can only be solved through the holistic coordination of proper mental preparation (P.A.C.E.) with physical repetitive rituals (GOLFOLOGY). Accordingly, with The Golf Professor’s revolutionary holistic golf training the Proprioception Gap is narrowed to a manageable and understandable level. Thus, the golfer’s perception is closer to reality eliminating the anxiety, stress and confusion of shot-making. A faster RESULT to a more consistent pattern of predictable golf shots leading to lower scores and more FUN on the course!

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