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2019 Golf School Partnership
Prepared By Greg Ortman, PhD, PGA,
HGA Director of Golf Education


Thank you for your interest in the 2019 HGA Golf School!


The goal of HGA is promote the growth of golf by bringing more new golfers into the
game and keeping more people playing the game by making golf easier to learn,
incorporating an innovative and pioneering common sense approach. You can be a part
of this mutually beneficial effort by scheduling an HGA Golf School this season. Below I
have outlined some key aspects of the Schools and frequently asked questions to help
you see how scheduling an HGA School can be a positive business move for your


Why host a Highlander Golf School at your facility?

• Marketing exposure for your facility at no cost
• Earn commissions per student to attend school
• Example: 10% with no instructional involvement or
• Get paid to teach if class size is five (5) or more (HGA is a 4:1 ratio)
• Give your teaching income a guaranteed boost
• We highly promote follow-up lessons with local golf professional
• Expand your student audience and get paid to do it
• Give your membership value-added services
• Increase rounds and exposure bringing more golfers to your course
• Increase our restaurant/bar customer base
• Generate more income during your non-peak tee-time and off-days
• We only operate on weekdays – Monday thru Thursday (unless you request
• All schools are coordinated with the course and the golf shop
• Provides a fun activity on your property to generate repeat customers


NOTE: Throughout our 30 years of conducting golf schools at many varied facilities we highly
recommend that we collaborate based on your price structure at a per-day rate for course fees, cart, food, lodging, etc. Greg Ortman, our golf academy expert, will work with you to set a package fee for consistency and successful marketing purposes attracting students to your facility.


Why are we so passionate about golf education?

The mission of the HIGHLANDER GOLF ACADEMY is promote the growth of golf by
bringing more new golfers into the game and keeping more people playing the game by
making golf easier to learn incorporating an innovative and pioneering common sense
approach. This approach is based upon the book GOLFOLOGY – A Common-Sense
Approach To Learning Golf, written by Highlander Golf Academy Director and nationally
recognized award-winning teacher Greg Ortman, PhD, PGA.


What makes HGA qualified to direct the school?

Greg Ortman, PhD, PGA, known as the “Golf Professor” to his students, uses modern
advanced golf sense concepts to replace the most common antiquated misconceptions
that are the roadblocks to getting better at the game. Greg was the 1993 TriState PGA
Teacher of the Year and PGA Teacher of the Year nominee. He is an 8-time nominee for
Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers. During his competitive playing career he won fifteen
professional golf tournaments including the Genesse Open and holds six course


Through the Golf Professor’s 40+ years of golf teaching, education, and research he
has a proven track record of teaching several thousand students from beginners to PGA
Pros. Greg has established that if the golfer does not understand the “why” they will
never be able to process the “how-to”. The GOLFOLOGY method puts together the
pieces of the common-sense vs golf-sense puzzle in an easy to apply sequence making
learning more efficient and effective. The result for the golfer is lower scores, a more
enjoyable game, and a lot more fun to play the game more often.


How is the HGA Golf School Structured?

Instruction: $175 per student

Student Receives
• 3 – hours instruction (Long Game or Short Game)
• Gift Pack (HGA visor, training tools, marketing materials, and
anything you would like to include)

Sample Itinerary
Monday 9am – 12pm Long Game 1pm – 4pm Short Game
Tuesday 9am – 12pm Short Game 1pm – 4pm Long Game
Wednesday 9am – 12pm Long Game 1pm – 4pm Short Game
Thursday 9am – 12pm Short Game 1pm – 4pm Long Game


NOTE: You will notice that the schools are Long Game (LG) / Short Game (SG) one day and on the next day they are reversed. This is to allow convenience and choice for the student. Since we do the school sessions on the Weekdays we have found that this system works well to allow student the option of taking off work or one full day or two ½ days. The logical rationale behind the alternating school sessions is so the student has flexibility to attend one session or as many sessions as they would like:
ONE (FULL DAY) Attend both in one day (6 hours) sessions LG & SG
TWO (1/2 DAYS) Attend two consecutive ½ days (6 hours) sessions LG & SG
TWO (1/2 DAYS) Attend two non-consecutive ½ days (6 hours) sessions LG & SG
***All sessions are subject to availability of space in the school***


What amenities will the students receive and what is the
advantage for the course?

Our experience in facilitating golf schools has proven that providing a morning and an
afternoon session gives students flexibility and extends the options for students to enjoy
as many of your amenities as possible.


Morning Session: Students will have lunch at noon (after class sessions) and s t a y
and play in the afternoon per your tee-time schedule.


Afternoon Session: Students will play in the morning per your tee time schedule have
lunch at noon and have class sessions after lunch.


The minimum for participation to hold/host a school is a minimum of 4 participants/
students. We will take up to 12 students per school but obviously we can only take as
many students as will fit on your practice range at one time.


What does HGA do to ensure successful golf schools?

We will facilitate the entire effort including you every step of the way. Schools can be
customized to the size of your facility, the amenities you provide, and the student base
you wish to reach.


Some of the benefits we provide:
• 40+ years experience in the golf business and teaching
• Marketing to include print, web and social media
• Custom online registration and student communication tools
• Radio & TV broadcast
• Press Releases – Newspaper Ads
• Contact with local golfers (Co-op our list and yours)
• Membership opportunities (Golf course to supply list)
• High School Golf Camp Opportunities
• Custom formats (Ladies ONLY Schools, Beginners, Advanced Schools)
• Golf School reservation hotline
• Pricing, dates, and registration based on course specific requirements
• Collection of tuition (one payment made directly to course)
• Operations of School during sessions including setup and tear down
HGA also offers the following extra services for your customers…
• Golf Swing Lab Portable Video Computer and Launch Monitor
• Golf Swing Lab Equipment for School Setup
• Tour edge Custom Club Fitting (We Fit – YOU Profit!)
• Private Lesson Instruction, Golf Clinics, and Golf Demonstration


What does HGA need from your venue and staff?

There is only a short list of things you need to do to ensure a successful school.
• Provide a facility with a nine or eighteen hole golf course
• Practice Range (Long Game Only) and/or Practice Putting Green (Short Game Only)
• Coordinate scheduling of mowing as to not interfere with School/Superintendent
• Markers, flags, targets on range (Not mandatory but helpful)
• Tee time availability up to 12 participants
• Practice range ball procedure(s)
• Dispensing machine
• Range/Pro Shop
• Bags vs baskets, etc.
• If no Golf Pro on staff please consider the advantages of Private Lesson
Instruction, Golf Clinics, and Golf Demonstration for your group outings
• Provide HGA with a customer/member email list
• Post HGA marketing materials throughout the property and online
• Promote HGA to all your customers; be creative, YOUR success is also OURS!




Greg Ortman, Ph.D., PGA
The Golf ProfessorTM


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