Greg P. Ortman, Ph.D., PGA

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Let us continue with our concluding discussion on how to utilize you practice time. In our last edition we focused on the practice habits of the seer-type. This week we focus on the keys to success on the fourth and final golf learning style, the doer.

The doer is the golfer that would rather practice than play. If this fits you then here are some suggestions to make the most of your golf practice and play.

Doer-types want immediate results through the trial and error approach. One of the drawbacks is that the doer golfer likes to “wing it”! Unfortunately, when things don’t go well then the whole golfing world falls apart around them. Since they operate without a plan they are always going back to the drawing board on the range.

Although it is difficult for this style to be more disciplined and organized. A little bit goes a long way during practice time.   Plan your practice sessions, be patient with yourself. The advantage of the doer is once they get it their improvement goes much faster than any other golf learning style.

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Greg Ortman, Ph.D., PGA is the Golf Director at Indian Lake Golf Club “Arnie’s First” and owner of Peak Performance Golf. The author of Golfology is a nationally recognized PGA award-winning teacher and coach. He has numerous professional tournament wins and course records. He is available for lessons at the HSP Swing Lab 305 Georgian Place, Somerset, PA and Indian Lake Golf Club, Indian Lake, PA. Email: