Greg P. Ortman, Ph.D., PGA

Thanks for making this column a part of your golfing day.

First, many thanks to Chris Harbaugh of Harbaugh Trucking in Rockwood, PA for sponsoring all my efforts to bring PGA golf instruction to all interested in the game.

In our last edition we discussed how to “get the ball rolling” on our initial spring startup. So, let’s get right to the second step.

In case you do not know, many top-notch golf professionals will take a successful swing sense, move, or feeling and by applying proper analysis break it into a succession of sequential components. I like to call this process as re-engineering our golf swing from the whole to the sum of its parts. This is the easiest way to get your swing back into sync without wasting time using the trial and error approach.

So let’s begin how to apply this this time saving process. Grab about 40-50 balls and head to the range. Next, grab your favorite club. Mine has always been my 8-iron. Loosen up by making any old swing watching the ball fly. Sense the motions, feel the club head, mentally absorb the contact between clubface and ball throughout your muscles.   Finally, when you contact the ball with the sensations you like, stop, and think about it for a moment. What did you sense, feel, or absorb?

You see dear readers, we all learn differently. That’s why we have to focus on all of the above; sensing, feeling, and absorbing. Find the one of the three that stick out. Now focus on it for the rest of the practice session. You are now pre-programming your golf senses for the next step in the learning process of obtaining your optimum golf swing.

I will be conducting a long game clinics on Tuesday June 7th at Indian Lake Golf Club beginning at 1pm. My short game clinics are on Thursday June 9th at Piney Run GC at 11:00 am and then at Middlecreek GC at 1:30pm. The fee this year is only $5 per student for the hour clinic. There is no age limit at the clinics but my space is limited so get there early.

Golfingly, The Golf Professor

Greg Ortman, Ph.D., PGA is the Director of Golf at Indian Lake Golf Club “Arnie’s First” and owner of Peak Performance Golf. The author of Golfology is a nationally recognized PGA award-winning teacher and coach. He has numerous professional tournament wins and six local course records. He is available for lessons at the HSP Swing Lab 305 Georgian Place and Indian Lake Golf Club, 1772 Peninsula Drive Indian Lake PA. Email him at: