Greg P. Ortman, Ph.D., PGA

Thanks for making this column a part of your golfing day.

Let us continue with our discussion utilizing your practice time to get ready for the course. In our last edition we focused on the practice habits of the feeler-type golfer. This week we focus on the keys to success as a seer-type.

This is my learning style so I could write a personal dissertation. Instead I will use my experience watching the US Open on Sunday and relate how it translated to the golf tournament on Monday.

While watching Dustin Johnson (DJ) swing all day on Sunday I did not realize how I was subconsciously absorbing his rhythmic shoulder turn. DJ’s fully-coiled transitional pause initiates a timing mechanism that releases his hands at impact, not at the top!

Since I am “slowly” approaching the magical year of 60 I have found my shoulder turn to get short. This creates a quick release of the hands to compensate for my lack of flexibility. On the second hole of the event on Monday my full shoulder turn just appeared! It was not until the tenth tee that it occurred to me that my swing felt longer. I rediscovered a positional pause at the top. This rhythmic tempo led to dead-straight tee shots and distance control with all my irons.

Recalling my round on the way home I was led to the re-discovery that, thanks to watching DJ, I absorbed the timing that I had been searching for this season.

The moral of the story is: if you are a visual learner. Watch golf tournaments, take video lessons, and watch golf videos and without thinking head out to the course the next day. Your game will be glad you did!

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Golfingly, The Golf Professor

Greg Ortman, Ph.D., PGA is the Golf Director at Indian Lake Golf Club “Arnie’s First” and owner of Peak Performance Golf. The author of Golfology is a nationally recognized PGA award-winning teacher and coach. He has numerous professional tournament wins and course records. He is available for lessons at the HSP Swing Lab 305 Georgian Place, Somerset, PA and Indian Lake Golf Club, Indian Lake, PA. Email: