Greg P. Ortman, Ph.D., PGA

Thanks for making this column a part of your golfing day.

I’m back, with a slight change. This year’s verbal vignettes will be slightly shorter in format geared towards providing you, my faithful readers, with a series of quick tips, drills, and positive suggestions based upon my 40 years of playing and teaching this great game.

My mission has not changed since in the inception of The Golf Professor in 2012. My goal is to offer complimentary PGA instruction to high school golfers for the betterment of their game. I do this to encourage them to consider college golf as a viable option to help defray the expense. This is the reason I encourage all of you and my sponsors to help support my clinics, schools, and this column with contributions to help offset the expense.

The weather this May has certainly put a damper on the start of this golfing season. But, soon it will be summer and the courses will be off and running. Speaking of courses, I plan on conducting my golf clinics at Indian Lake Golf Club on Tuesdays at 1:00. Thursday’s I will be at Piney Run GC at 11:00 am and at Middlecreek GC at 2:00 pm. The fee this year is only $5 per student for the hour clinic. Participants in these clinics help support my half-day Junior Golf Camps July 25th through July 29th and my full-day High School Golf Camps August 1st through August 5th. I encourage you to participate.

There is no age limit at the clinics but my space is limited so get there early. Last year we worked with golfers of all ages at my clinics, camps, and schools. Watching the young and “seasoned” golfers helping each other is awesome to watch.

Along with private indoor/outdoor video lessons, club fittings, and clinics I am now offering a series of Saturday golf “workshops” for couples and families.   This is a fun-packed two hours of learning and/or “fixing” your swing. A great way to spend some time together with just a little bit of fun. All participants in the clinics can complete the afternoon with a round of golf at Indian Lake Golf Club as part of your tuition. I am calling for my tee-time right now, how about you?

Golfingly, The Golf Professor

Greg Ortman, Ph.D., PGA is the Director of Golf at Indian Lake Golf Club “Arnie’s First” and owner of Peak Performance Golf. The author of Golfology is a nationally recognized PGA award-winning teacher and coach. He has numerous professional tournament wins and six local course records. He is available for lessons at the HSP Swing Lab 305 Georgian Place and Indian Lake Golf Club, 1772 Peninsula Drive Indian Lake PA. Email him at: