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The scientific philosophy behind GOLFOLOGY and P.A.C.E. is based on mind-body connection also known as PROPRIOCEPTION.  The proprioception gap (approximately 110 m/sec) is what creates the confusion called “cognitive dissonance” (true reality vs. perceived expectations) within a golfers mind. This state of “cognitive dissonance” within golfers CANNOT be solved by physical golf lessons nor by mental exercises alone. It can only be solved through the holistic coordination of proper mental preparation (P.A.C.E.) with physical repetitive rituals (GOLFOLOGY).

Dicover the Science

Offering schools for all levels of golf enthusiasts.  The Highlander Golf Academy will organize and run two, 2-day sessions at area golf courses.  ALL Schools are custom-designed to meet the unique needs of difffernt groups of golfers: Business, Clubs, Ladies, Juniors, Golf Teams, etc.

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Introducing Holistic Golf Education


Peak Performance Golf uses the “Holistic Golfer”, an innovative new approach to learning combining GOLFOLOGY and P.A.C.E.   This unique system of learning combines your innate common sense abilities and applies it to your golf sense. Along with providing training, Peak Performance Golf has the equipment, services, and facilities to take your golf game to it’s peak!

The Holistic Golfer

Better Mind – Better Body – Better Golf

This 40-year proven program synthesizes golf’s physical, mental, and psychological facets that is based upon the proper combination of: State-of-the-art-video-computer tools and common-sense teaching aids. The best results are obtained in a personalized indoor setting where the student not fixated on ball flight results.   The after the synthesis provided by Golfology and PACE training now the Holistic Golfer can move outside with a quiet confident to play to their Peak Performance level every time.

“Leave the science to me… I’ll leave the improvement to YOU!”

Greg Ortman, PhD, PGA “The Golf Professor”

The scientific philosophy behind my program is based upon the Mind-Body Connection also known as: PROPRIOCEPTION. It can only be  accomplished through the holistic coordination of proper mental preparation (P.A.C.E.) with repetitive physical rituals (GOLFOLOGY).

Programs & Services

Peak Performance Golf offers a range of programs and services to meet your need whether you are a beginner or a pro looking for that extra edge.  The Golf Professor is also available for seminars or presentations at your school or business.


Private & Group Lessons

We offer lessons for men, women and children.  Private and group lessons on the course or focused training at the Holistic Sports Performance Training & Swing Lab.  Peak Performance Golf has the experieice, technology, and facilities to take your game to the next level!

Equipment & Apparel

Peak Performance Golf offers certified club fitting and repairs with 40 years of experience. Including computerized club fitting on all brands of clubs.  We also have equipment, suppliment, and  apparel options on-site at the Holistic Sports Center and Swing Lab located at the Georgian Place in Somerset, PA.

Club Fitting & Repair

40 years of experience


Peak Performance Golf offers certified club fitting and repairs with 40 years of experience. Including computerized club fitting on all brands of clubs.  Call today for help with: Re-grip, Re-shaft including Frequency Matching, Lie-Loft Adjustment or a Consultation.


Special Order & Over Night Service Available on certain items!

Greg Ortman is a highly qualified expert in the game of golf; his skills transfer to all levels of students, from novice to experienced, and Greg’s delivery seems to strike a chord with all of his students. He connects on the basic level that ensures understanding and promotes learning in a fun and professional manner. Travis Robinson

High School Golf Coach / Enthusiast

Greg is a good coach, he has taught me the basic’s and doesn’t seem to mind going over them again and again. – Andy, age 12

I appreciate the positive feedback that Greg gives Andy. He is very encouraging and is willing to accommodate our schedule. I am so glad I made that initial call.


Andy's Mom

I watched my golf game decline from a 7 handicap to 15 and was to the point where hitting a solid shot was pretty much luck. After taking lessons with Greg over the winter and working on the drills he provided the consistency, flight, sound, and feel of my shots became better than ever. In fact, my first round this year was my lowest score in years.

Jason P.