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Golf Club Card

Anyone (golfer or non-golfer) can obtain a card by…

  • Purchasing one for themselves or as a gift for $45.00 from
    • High School Golf Team Fund Raisers
    • Booster Organizations Fund Raisers
    • Clubs, Groups and Association Fund Raisers
    • THE GOLF PROFESSOR’S AMBASSADORS NETWORK (Local Participating business sponsors)

Order Online – $45

SPECIAL OFFER! Order a Golf Club Card for $45 online and get GOLFOLOGY the book for FREE (Retail 14.95) – Pay only 4.95 for priority shipping/handling.

Total Cost only $49.95

The Golf Professor’s Club Card was introduced to the local business community in 2013.  It was successful, in only its first year, to provide full scholarships for nine (9) high school golfers to attend the Golf Professors Golf Camps at Seven Springs Resort in August.  This year we would like to increase that amount to at least 4 students per local high school golf teams.  This gives us a goal of at least 24 total scholarships for students to attend the Golf Professor’s 2014 Golf Day Camps from August 4th thru August 8th at Seven Springs Resort.  To continue the success of this program we need your help.

Numerous golf courses from outside of the area are going to participate thanks to my membership affiliation with the Tri-State Professional Golfers Association (TSPGA) giving the card much more value than last year.  Along with the present businesses in the network and the new ones we plan to add this year we intend for the card to have an increased circulation.  We already plan on doubling last year’s circulation of purchased golf club cards to distribute to golfers and non-golfers alike!

 Savings for Cardholders from THE GOLF PROFESSOR

  • Golf Lesson/Cub Fitting Rates of $1 per minute!  (Regular rate is $75.00 hour)
  • 5% discount on  custom-fitted golf products:
    • ONTIC GOLF Custom Fit Putters
    • TOUR EDGE GOLF Custom Fit woods and irons.

This card offers more than the Golf Card, Golf Tour Card, or any other national value card.  It is locally established and nationally recognized.  The goal is helping local high school golf teams play better golf!

 The great news for local businesses is that people buying and using this card is rapidly growing into Fayette, Cambria, Allegheny counties in PA, and as far south as Cumber land and Frostburg , MD! This means more people are buying the card from outside the area and using it in Somerset County!   Why not encourage them to come to your business when they are in Somerset County?

 Join the Golf Professors Network of Businesses and participate.  It is a WIN – WIN – WIN  for our local community!